2011-06-05 18:33

Uczą rodziców, że:

 The 10-point checklist for parents
q There is a qualified teacher librarian managing the library
q The library is open whenever the school is open
q Students learn information processing skills in the school library
q Students can borrow the resources they need, when they need them
q There aren’t long waiting lists for popular fiction
q There’s more than enough space for a whole class to fit into the library
q There is high speed access to the internet
q Students are encouraged to use online electronic resources, not just Google
q There are special activities eg for Book Week, the Premier’s Reading Challenge
q Your child thinks the library is ‘awesome’

 O bibliotekarzach i ich roli mówią, że:

Mary Manning, executive officer of the School Libraries Association of Victoria, is often asked if school libraries are really needed now that schools have computers.

The answer, Ms Manning says, is yes.

Ms Manning argues that evolving technology makes teacher-librarians vital in all schools.

"They don't just purchase a few books and put them on the shelves. They actually help students become effective users of information," she says.

"To be an effective user of information when you've got the internet is much harder than when you had books, so you need them much more."

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